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Erebus Plastic Industries Ltd was founded in 2004 with the goal of becoming the leading rigid plastic manufacturer in Bangladesh. After rapid growth in demand, Horizon Plastic Industries Ltd was established in 2009. A diversified plastic manufacturing Industries that cares about its customers, employees, and community. We have 2 factories in Ashulia, Dhaka and employ more than 1,000 people.

Together, Erebus & Horizon provide rigid plastic packaging solutions for Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), Paints, Beauty & Cosmetics, Food and Beverage, pharmaceutical, electronics, NGOs, and Chemical companies and also Bidding National-International Tender.

The Company has succeeded in achieving its target of being one of the largest in the Bangladeshi plastic sector with annual revenues of over $17 million. Erebus & Horizon works with several reputed multinational companies (MNCs) and local companies, including Unilever, Berger, Asian Paints, PepsiCo, Nestlé, Marico, Igloo, Square Toiletries, Dabur, Abul Khair Group, Hemas, and many more.

RSS Feed Archive | Erebus established itself as a reliable producer and suppliers of plastic packaging products. Erebus specialized in extrusion blow molding (mono-layer & Bi-Layer) ranging from 25ml to 5ltr, injection Blow Molding, Pet Blow, and Caps and Closer.

Horizon plastic was concentrates on Injection Molding with machine capacity ranging from 160ton to 650ton. This factory has the capacity to run challenging molds like multi cavity filp-top caps with in mold closing.

RSS Feed Archive | Our management and technical team members have got more 100 years of combined experience in plastic packaging manufacturing activities. We also have solid capabilities in design, supply chain management. Consequently, we focus on delivering service and solution to our customers rather than selling products.

RSS Feed Archive | All the certificates and membership documents related to obtaining our Erebus and Horizon Plastics factory license are shown below. Also link to view our License, Factory Compliance Certificate and Membership Certificate. About Factories | Please Contact and visit our social Platform.

License | At a Glance
Head Office -Trade License
Company License
Factory Trade License
Environment License
Fire License
Export-Import License
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> One of the leading manufacturing of rigid plastic packaging and supplies products made by conversion processes such as EBM, INJECTION, PET, IBM,EXTRUSION FOR FLIM.

> Food Safety System Certified company by INTERTEK (FSSC 2000 V 5.1 Food packaging and packaging material.)

> GMP facilities food product packaging production company with 2 large factories maintaining all International Standard and Compliances.

> Serves a comprehensive range of Multinational Customers, operating in Bangladesh in the area of Food & Beverage.

> Manufacturing process integrates the finest FDA-Approved raw materials with State-of-the-art equipment and stringent quantity control procedures.

> All manufacturing and warehouse are conducted in a sealed, clean, controlled environment.

> Environment Certification (ENV/DV/14507/2008/DHAKA/ORANGE-KA)

> 50 numbers of high-speed energy efficient injection molding including Bi-Color Machine from reputed companies all around the World (130 ton – 700ton).

> 40 numbers of Blow Molding Machine from Thailand, Kore, China & India all with 100 point Moong Parison Controller and 15 of them are Multilayer.

> Auto 06 Color half tone online Lacquering Printing Machine (DOP) from India.

> Transport-06 numbers in house delivery van.

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    Injection Molding,
    Pet Blow Molding,
    Hit transfer Lebel Machine,
    Dry Offset Printing Machine,
    IR. Printing,
    Silk Printing,
    Ultrasonic Welding Machine,
    Cap Closing Machine,
    Label Installation Machine,
    Wads Installing Machine,
    Auto Loader,
    Dehumidifier Drier,
    3D Printing,
    Shrink Sleeve,
    Screen Printing Machine,
    Recycling Facilities including palletizing Hine Auto.

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