Compliance | In our factory, we have been making plastic packaging required for food, beverage, consumer, beauty, cosmetics, pharma, electronics products of several world-class companies. In our factory the production activities are going on as per compliance code and food grade code along with all ISO including environment.

Compliance | Safety rules exist in all work environments to keep both our factory workers and the company safe. These regulations help prevent and mitigate accidents and reduce risk, which in turn supports employee well-being and workplace effectiveness. Our representatives are taught the safety regulations that are in place and how to follow them and protect yourself from any initial injuries by using the necessary equipment. Please Contact and visit our social Platform.


Compliance Certificate-Erebus

compliance-Horizon_ URSA

Compliance Certificate-Horizon


> One of the leading manufacturing of rigid plastic packaging and supplies products made by conversion processes such as EBM, INJECTION, PET, IBM,EXTRUSION FOR FLIM.

> Food Safety System Certified company by INTERTEK (FSSC 2000 V 5.1 Food packaging and packaging material.)

> GMP facilities food product packaging production company with 2 large factories maintaining all International Standard and Compliances.

> Serves a comprehensive range of Multinational Customers, operating in Bangladesh in the area of Food & Beverage. 

> Manufacturing process integrates the finest FDA-Approved raw materials with State-of-the-art equipment and stringent quantity control procedures.

> All manufacturing and warehouse are conducted in a sealed, clean, controlled environment.

> Environment Certification (ENV/DV/14507/2008/DHAKA/ORANGE-KA)

> 50 numbers of high-speed energy efficient injection molding including Bi-Color Machine from reputed companies all around the World (130 ton – 700ton).

> 40 numbers of Blow Molding Machine from Thailand, Kore, China & India all with 100 point Moong Parison Controller and 15 of them are Multilayer. 

> Auto 06 Color half tone online Lacquering Printing Machine (DOP) from India.

> Transport-06 numbers in house delivery van.

Extrusion Blow Molding,

Injection Molding,

Pet Blow Molding,

Hit transfer Lebel Machine,

Dry Offset Printing Machine, 

IR. Printing,

Silk Printing,

Ultrasonic Welding Machine,

Cap Closing Machine,

Label Installation Machine, 

Wads Installing Machine,

Auto Loader,

Dehumidifier Drier,

3D Printing,

Shrink Sleeve,

Screen Printing Machine,

Recycling Facilities including palletizing Hine Auto.




License | Certificate | Membership | Erebus Plastic Industries Ltd.

Trade License-erebus

Erebus Plastic Ind. Ltd. - Company Trade License

UP trade license (2023-2024)

Erebus Plastic Ind. Ltd. - Factory Trade License/Karkhana

Erebus-Factory Layout

Erebus Plastic Ind. Ltd. - Approved Factory Layout Drawing

Factory License

Erebus Plastic Ind. Ltd. - Factory Karkhana License-Erebus

Fire License-Erebus

Erebus Plastic Ind. Ltd. - Fire License-Erebus


Erebus Plastic Ind. Ltd. - BOI Permission-Erebus

TIN Certificate-Erebus

Erebus Plastic Ind. Ltd. - TIN-Certificate-Erebus

BIN-VAT Certificate

Erebus Plastic Ind. Ltd. - VAT/BIN-Certificate-Erebus

Income Tax Certificate (2022-2023)

Erebus Plastic Ind. Ltd. - Income TAX Clearance Certificate

Erebus Mushak 18.5a VAT Honour Card

Erebus Plastic Ind. Ltd. - VAT/BIB-Clearance Certificate-Erebus

Certificate of Incorporation

Erebus Plastic Ind. Ltd. - Certificate of Incorporation Certificate-Erebus

ERC license-Erebus

Erebus Plastic Ind. Ltd. - ERC-Export Registration Certificate


Erebus Plastic Ind. Ltd. - IRC-Import Registration Certificate

Environment Certificate-Erebus

Erebus Plastic Ind. Ltd. - Environment Certificate-Erebus

ISO certificate-14001 Erebus

Erebus Plastic Ind. Ltd. - ISO-Intertek-14001-2015

SGS-FSSC-22000 -Erebus

Erebus Plastic Ind. Ltd. - ISO-Food Safety System-22000


Erebus Plastic Ind. Ltd. - Food Grade Plastic-FSSC-22000 V 5.1

BERC Certificate-erebus

Erebus Plastic Ind. Ltd. - BERC- Certificate Factory for Erebus

Membership Certificate-Erebus

Erebus Plastic Ind. Ltd. - Membership from BPGMEA

Dhaka Chamber of Commerce

Erebus Plastic Ind. Ltd. - Membership from DCCI for Erebus


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Trade License-horizon

Horizon Plastic Ind. Ltd. - Company Trade License

UP trade license-Horizon

Horizon Plastic Ind. Ltd. - Factory Trade License-Horizon


Horizon Plastic Ind. Ltd. - Approved Layout for Erebus

Factory License-Horizon

Horizon Plastic Ind. Ltd. - Factory/Kharkhana License-Horizon

Fire-License -Horizon

Horizon Plastic Ind. Ltd. - Fire License-Horizon


Horizon Plastic Ind. Ltd. - BOI-Horizon


Horizon Plastic Ind. Ltd. - TIN-Certificate-Horizon

BIN Certificate-Horizon

Horizon Plastic Ind. Ltd. - VAT/BIN-Certificate-Horizon

Tax Clearance Certificate-Horizon

Horizon Plastic Ind. Ltd. - TAX Clearance Certificate-Horizon

Horizon Mushak 18.5 VAT Honour

Horizon Plastic Ind. Ltd. - VAT/BIN-Clarence Certificate-Horizon

Certificate of Incorporation-Horizon

Horizon Plastic Ind. Ltd. - Certificate of Incorporation-Horizon

ERC-Export certificate-Horizon

Horizon Plastic Ind. Ltd. - ERC-Export Certificate-Horizon

IRC Registration Certificate -Horizon

Horizon Plastic Ind. Ltd. - IRC-Import Certificate-Horizon

Environment Certificate-Horizon

Horizon Plastic Ind. Ltd. - Environment Certificate-Horizon

ISO certificate-14001 Erebus

Horizon Plastic Ind. Ltd. - ISO-Certificate-Intertek-14001:2015

Horizon FSSC-SGS-22000

Horizon Plastic Ind. Ltd. - FSSC-SGS-Food Safety 22000


Horizon Plastic Ind. Ltd. - FSSC-22000v5.1-Certificate-Horizon

BERC Certificate -Horizon

Horizon Plastic Ind. Ltd. - BERC Certificate-Horizon

Horizon Association Membership

Horizon Plastic Ind. Ltd. - BPGMEA Membership-Horizon


Horizon Plastic Ind. Ltd. - DCCI-Membership-Horizon