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Our Core Values:-

Our Core Values | Our service is superior to our competitors as we provide: We have a deep understanding of product costing systems and employ a Total Cost of Ownership philosophy in our costing. Our Core Values Please contact and visit our social platform. 

Our Core Values:-

Our Core Values | Our service is superior to our competitors as we provide values:

  • We have a deep understanding of product costing systems and employ a Total Cost of Ownership philosophy in our costing. This enables us to show our customers the transparent cost model and value we offer.


  • Strong relationships with raw material and equipment suppliers enable us to source raw materials and equipment at a good price.


  • Strong supply chain management Values capabilities.


  • We work with a team comprising of top performing managers and technicians from various leading MNCs including British American Tobacco, MARICO Bangladesh, Berger, GSK Unilever.


  • Manufacturing and quality are best practices in our management, through a deep understanding of customer needs.


  • Using the skills to develop new products or technologies saves customers money and time.


  • A combination of flexibility and good manufacturing practices thus provides superior service to customers.


  • We have strong cash flow and balance sheet management.


  • We have the best financial institutions and good bank facilities in Bangladesh for financial solvency and support. Two of our directors also have ownership in leading banks and leasing companies.
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Our Core Values | GOAL & OBJECTIVES:-

Our Core Values | GOAL & OBJECTIVES:-

Our Core Values -To achieve the aggressive top line and bottom line goals mentioned above we are actively working on new and promising plastic packaging sectors e.g. pharmaceuticals, food grad & beverages or industrial/agro based and chemicals.

Our Core Values -We also envision going into high precision/engineering plastics and/or paper packaging.  In this vein we are actively looking into start up relationship with leading companies in Bangladesh and abroad at the front (e.g. New Customers) and back end (e.g. New Technical Partners) of the value chain. 

Our Core Values -Our interests and confidence to go into the new sectors stem from our domain knowledge in plastic processing, sound experience in HR management, building new ventures, hands on experience on client relationship management and our strong financial position as well as very good network with financing and government agencies in Bangladesh.

Our Core Values | History and Short Business Descriptions:-

Our Core Values | History and Short Business Descriptions:-

Our Core Values | In 2005 a group of young entrepreneurs formed a plastic molding company, EREBUS, in response to the following market conditions:

  • To tap the growth opportunities existing in plastic molded rigid packaging for paints, cosmetics, food and pharmaceutical industries.
  • To deliver superior value to our valued clients through use efficient sourcing and supply chain practices, good manufacturing practices and introduction of new technology.

Our leadership team has got almost 50 years of cumulative direct/indirect experience in plastic molding and related operations. In addition we have brought in our expertise in business management to bolster the continued growth in business volume and customer base, the owner/management team has decided to start up the second manufacturing unit called Horizon Plastic. This new unit will be mostly dedicated for injection molding and new technology based products whereas Erebus Plastic will be dedicated for blow molding and screen printing. 

Our future goals are to grow our business through horizontal, vertical and diversification routes by leveraging our solid experience of building business in Bangladesh, strong management leadership team, good social network as well as sound financial strength.

Our Core Values |The birth history of HORIZON AND EREBUS is one of those inspiring stories of starting up something out of garages and making it bigger. On an evening in the year 2003, We, four friends were just discussing over a cup of coffee in the terrace of one of the friend’s apartment.  Then we worked days in and days out to make our business plan, making presentation to the customers/financiers, discussing with technology suppliers, recruiting people and setting up the company/factory/processes. Within 6 months we got our first order from Berger and then from Marico.  After initial struggling periods of 1-2 years, the company has been able to get into the launch pad and consistently growing under able leadership of Mr. Tahsin Huq and supervision of management committee member composed of Mr. Moniruzzaman, Mr. Zubair Kabir and Mr. Shreekumar Rakshit. Today the combined business turnover is US$4M with a strong balance sheet and profitability.

Description of Business:-

Our Core Values | HORIZON AND EREBUS Plastic is involved in manufacturing and marketing of molded plastic products to be sold to industrial customers in Pharmaceuticals, Paints, Chemicals, Food, and other industries. The business performs job orders of the customers based on long term contract as well as purchase orders. The business buys petrochemical based resins and converts the raw materials into plastic packaging products by using injection or blow molding machines. The company has adopted a blended model of flexible and lean manufacturing. This enable the business to achieve superior cost position compared with its competitors as well as deliver benefit of better sourcing from international market through sophisticated instruments such as Forwards/Futures.  Our Core Values-The business employs more than 1000 workers and 45 management staffs.  Here is the value chain of the business.


Existing customers and markets:-

Our Core Values | At this point confirmed customers are BERGER, MARICO, UniLever and GlaxoSmithKline. HORIZON AND EREBUS and others plastic has positioned itself as a reliable supplier with commitment for quality and service, currently a lacking in most of the plastic molding company of Bangladesh.  In addition HORIZON AND EREBUS offers deep expertise in co development of new products, technology, molds or processes thus enhancing value for buyers.